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ScoringSoccer — The Latin Voice  Congratulates the Champions of the

Florida Sunshine State Games



Ocala - An area team obtained First Place in the "Florida’s 25th Anniversary Sunshine State Games". The final games were played in Tallahassee, the state capital during the weekend of June 18 to June 20. They won all their games leading up to their last matches, which were against the Clearwater Internationals 8:2, the Gainesville Immortal's 3:2, and the Gainesville Gangsters 3:2 for the championship which ended in a close match that went into overtime. The game winning goal was made by Eduardo Manuel Lopez.

"Voz Latin" congratulates the players and their Head Coach Mario Lillo for excellent team work and excellent results obtained in such a short time of preparation. Mario is originally from Chile and started playing soccer at the age of seven in the 1960s. He later made the team for the University from Chile and had the opportunity to play professionally. At the age of 17 he moved with his family to New York and was named the best player of High School in the State. In 1985 he returned to Chile and played professionally with the club "EspañoIa Union" in Santiago, but unfortunately an automobile accident temporarily ended his career. This led him to the to return to the fields in Equator with the professional team "Old Port" and had the opportunity to share the field and to establish a great friendship with Carlos Luis Morales considered one of the goalkeepers of Ecuador of all time. Today Lillo dedicates a greater part of his time to prepare youths to be future soccer players. The club trains in Marion Oaks, just outside Ocala. Mario lillo was recently recognized as one of the best soccer coaches in the State of Florida. He is continuing directing and training the team for


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