Professor Dr. Thomas Blaha

DVM, Ph.D.

Porcine Consultant






  • Staff  Scientist 1971 to 1974

     Institute for Animal Hygiene Eberswalde (East Germany)

  • General Practitioner 1974 to 1980

    Mixed State Practice in East Germany

  • Department Head 1980 to 1991

    Institute for Bacterial Animal Diseases in Jena (East Germany), 

    today the Federal Institute for Health Protection

    of Consumers  and Vet.-med

  • Full Professor 1991 to 1996

    School of Veterinary Medicine of Hannover,

    Department of Epidemiology

  • D. Leman Chair 1996 to present

    University of Minnesota, College of  Vet.-med.

    St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Full Professor since 2001

    School of Veterinary Medicine of Hannover, Department of


  • De-Facto Diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH) since 2002
  • Founder, Vice-President and President-Elect of the European College of Porcine Health Management (ECPHM) since 2003
  • President of the International Society of Animal Hygiene (ISAH)

    since 2005






*      Research and teaching of food safety “from farm to table”,

*      Good Veterinary Practice (GVP), animal health and epidemiology in the area of food animals.

*      Cooperation with the Minnesota State Departments of Health and Agriculture as well as with USDA/FSIS USDA/APHIS and several vertically coordinated food production chains throughout the U.S. and Europe). Consultant for WHO, Geneva, and for the O.I.E., Paris.

*      Involvement as consultant for the German Quality Management System “QS” for the food chain from feed to food (feed industry, food animal production, slaughter and processing and retail).