Michael Ahlers
Agronomy Consultant - USA

Areas of operation All of Iowa

SW Minnesota

Eastern South Dakota

Eastern Nebraska

Services Soil analysis and fertility, manure, nitrogen and tillage management

I work with Farmers, Golf courses, Greenhouses, and Nurseries in setting up fertility programs

On golf courses, I also work with them on H2O management programs.

Feed testing and nutritional recommendations are also a part of my business

Detailed mapping

Qualifications I received a BS in Farm Operations from ISU in 1985.

In 1987 I began my consulting career as a member of the Brookside Society of Professional Consultants.

Voting member of the IICCA, as well as a past Treasurer for IICCA and a past newsletter coordinator for IICCA

Member of the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Golf Course Superintendents Association

Long time member of the Iowa and National Cattlemen's Assn.

 Past President of the O'Brien County Cattlemen's Assn., February 1998 - February 2003

Other I specialize in soil fertility and work with Balancing the Chemistry in the soil (Balanced Cation Philosophy).  

This is a program that my family farm has been on since 1978, and it is used all over the world. It works no matter what crop you are growing, from corn to turf to ornamentals to kiwi.