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ScoringPets.com Announces Worldwide Standarized Pets Database









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ScoringPets announced the availability of a new online web-based system for identification, storage, and organization of pet data to help find your pet when it strays, is stolen, or lost.

ScoringPets announced the availability of a new online web-based system for identification, storage, and organization of pet data to help find your pet when it strays, is stolen, or lost. Using the latest web and database technologies, ScoringPets.com simplifies the process of record keeping for all pets by providing an interactive, world-wide universal pet database, one that works for every pet type. Pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, officials of municipalities, humane societies, animal control officers, dog wardens, and governments will all benefit from ScoringPets clean interface, ease of use, and ability to provide necessary records to comply with local or regional pet laws.

ScoringPets.com makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to enter pets in a searchable international database that does not need a call center. The pet owner can post without charge a pet as lost/stolen with contact information. The start of pet recovery is just a few mouse-clicks away from alerting everyone of your lost pet.

ScoringPets is ideally suited to act as a country's national pet system, as existing ID Systems can be uploaded via a interface and any type of tagging of individual animals can be used in ScoringPets. Many types of RFID chips, standard metal tags on collars, and or tattoos of animals can help in disease management, taxation, rabies control etc. All brands and types of RFID chips can be recorded into the ScoringPets online database to provide a seamlessly linked database infrastructure to everyone.

ScoringPets Account owner's or breeder's can track all steps in a pet's life from birth on, ID information, breed registration, every treatment, vaccination, physical qualities , videos, pictures, and more. The ScoringPets register system lets the pet owner self - register also to keep notes on the animal's performance, type of feed and brand of food the animal likes or dislikes, worming periods, teeth, and grooming. All entered notes by the pet owner have date and time stamps for proof of records in case of an event like food poisoning. If a pet is lost or stolen detailed records provide another way to recover and identify a pet in seconds if there is no chip or metal tag number existing.

It's important that we, as a global community, have a record keeping system that operates 24/7, that passes secure records through a pet recovery system with instantaneous access, Our system satisfies these requirements utilizing state of the art database technology, eliminating the duplication of records that is common when Cities, Counties, and State Governments are involved. Even a pet censes report for a determined area can be used to check for types and sexes of pets. ScoringPets is the only UNIX database in the world where a large number of tags, tattoo's or RFID chips from any manufacture whether ISO or not can be batch loaded an entered at once. In ScoringPets, each pet has his own webpage that can be updated by secure login and kept current by its owner. Veterinarians can even upload certificates and print each pet's ID card with secure barcodes directly from the database with secure login.

About ScoringPets

ScoringPets is a division of ScoringSystem, Inc., located in Sarasota, Florida, USA and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data. Whether a pet owner, veterinarian or animal control official, using www.ScoringPets.com can make managing data and pet recovery easier and do it in an extremely cost effective manner.





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