Pamela Sweeten

m&m Marketing
Agriculture Sales Representative - USA

I attended California State University Stanislaus, in the heart of the great San Joaquin Valley. Having grown up in such a diverse agricultural area I found it of little surprise that I ended up in an agriculture related industry. I have been marketing almonds for growers since the early 1990ís and feel that what I do for growers is a vital link from the field to the fork. Just as the ScoringAg system plays in the long-term sustainability of production agriculture, not only to ensure safe domestic consumption, but also in terms of sustaining a valuable export market, and creating added value at the farm level. I have also been active in California Women for Agriculture and American AgriWomen, where I serve as the specialty crop committee chairperson. I believe the ScoringAg system will be a valuable asset to both the crop and livestock industries for record keeping, traceability, inventory management, disease monitoring and control, as well as third party certifications.