Press Release: Global 009 - March 18, 2004


Sarasota Football Club gets a kick out of ScoringSoccer Technology

SARASOTA, FLORIDA - March 18, 2004 – Since 1971, the Sarasota Football Club has been a consistent performer in the game of soccer, and are poised for another good year. The Sarasota Football Club was the first team to sign up and register with ScoringSystem’s Soccer application.  Giving the team world-wide exposure.

The ScoringSoccer web-based databank simplifies the process of recordkeeping and tracking a player’s personal statistics in publicly available player pages and in a privately secured area available only by login. Managing soccer teams in the world has been taken to a new level with the ability to exchange instant messages with the players (with the proper login to the secure databank), use stats to analyze player’s performance and even compare your teams performance to others.

The interactive system is written in Cold Fusion at all processing stages, which provides ease of use with a clean, stable, and secure interface. The system is also being developed to include video of soccer players in action for review by coaches, managers, and scouts.

The growth of Soccer in the United States, and it’s popularity around the globe prompted the creation of the system.  Soccer registered the largest increase in participation of all athletic programs for both boys and girls.   Clearly, soccer has reached critical mass, it would expect to achieve a growth pattern superior to the general population increase. is the location where players, teams and scouts connect online, making it the place where soccer talent is found. To find out more about this exciting and innovative databank, visit