Press Release: Local - August 25, 2006

ScoringAg Secures Food Traceability Worldwide

Wild-catch salmon operators in Kenai Alaska supplied complete traceback and traceability records for their products for customers in Sarasota Florida.

Morton's Gourmet Market in Sarasota is the first retail store in Florida that received Wild Alaskan Salmon, caught in Cook Inlet near the world famous Kenai River, with a complete traceback record. Morton's valued customers are now able to buy Salmon and other Alaskan fish with complete records from the fishing ground to retail including pictures from the fishermen and their boats.

Hugh Bertmaring, Manager of the Center for Alaskan Seafood Quality Assurance (AQS) a non profit Quality Assurance Company in Anchorage, Alaska and Paul Dale, Owner of Snug Harbor Seafoods Kenai, Alaska decided to bring the product, Sockeye Salmon, to the highest level of value with a ScoringAg traceback code where the retailer, supplier, restaurant owner and consumer can see what he pays for.

ScoringAg traceback records provide a complete traceback from the fishing grounds showing the fishermen and their boats, throughout all stages of handling and processing. All inspections, certifications, packaging and transportation were recorded in real time minute by minute activities in the ScoringAg web-based database. Fishermen Drew Sparlin's Alaskan Sockeye Salmon catch was accepted by Todd Morton at Morton's Market in Sarasota in 23 hrs, 31 minutes and 11 seconds later from a Federal Express carrier. All steps were documented in the ScoringAg database even for Morton's valued customers as they received with the fish a 2D Barcode label with a SSI-EID traceback code where all steps are documented. The traceback code can be read with a scanner in the store or on any computer with internet connection in website by entering the traceback code in the search function of the database. This service is provided free to the user.

The records with all the information are good for the store and the consumers says Charles Quinn of Morton's and Epicurean Life Corporate group as they want more information of how their food is handled and produced. The Sockeye Salmon was recorded at 13 different events from boat to Morton's sales case. Traceback is a handshake between the consumer and the fisherman, processor, and transporter and retailer with real time recordkeeping.

ScoringAg records even satisfy the US COOL law and FDA 24 hr. traceback requirement of one up and one down recordkeeping. These requirements are mandated by the FDA through the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, as well as the EU Directive 2002/991EC and Directive 91/493/ECC, and apply to all facilities wherever food commodities and fish/shellfish are received, cleaned, stored, blended, processed, and reshipped, and all associated records.

These food handlers will have to keep records of all fish/shellfish received, stored, and shipped which is required to help prevent natural or terrorist contamination. ScoringAg provides the necessary records inexpensive and easy to use. Each fish/shellfish label can carry an SSI-EID number and/or barcode corresponding to that particular item's total history of food handlers and its hygiene quality for even the new EU Food Controls Regulation 882/2004.

ScoringAg's Point-to-Point Traceback System using PIDC location codes keeps the catch ID and/or RFID net's number from the catch site, through the processing stage or storage, to the transporter's log through every processing stage, from the fishermen's net to the table, all for just pennies per record.

ScoringAg's traceback and trace up system for all agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping and PIDC location codes, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc., located in Sarasota, Florida USA. The company specializes in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDA's, laptops, and Semacode programmed Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson cell phones. With the use of RFID chips and barcodes for trace up and traceback of livestock and crops, produce, fish/shellfish or tracking transport containers or perishable meats and other food consumer goods. ScoringAg makes managing data easier - and does it in an extremely cost effective manner whether from "Field-to-Fork" or "Boat-to-Throat".