Press Release: Global 020 - August 25, 2005

ScoringAg Closes Traceback and Traceup Gap With Unique Packing Plant Application


ScoringAg's packing plant system ensures that the live animal's unique ID and other data are carried through the packing plant during processing.

(PRWEB) August 26, 2005 -- ScoringAg's extensive Web-based livestock database provides the vital Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ necessary to verify the animal's history from birth to the packing plant's receiving dock and holding pen. The real-time database keeps track of all relevant information about the animal's birth, ownership, care and feeding, medical treatment, transport, and all details necessary to provide complete point-to-point source verification.

Until now, when the live animal enters the packing plant, specific unique identity is often lost completely at slaughter. ScoringAg's packing plant system has changed this with a unique means of capturing the live animal's ID and other data, and passing it through the slaughtering and fabrication processes along with the various products that are produced – from carcass (including hide, organs, and other items at slaughter) to sides, quarters, primal parts, and finally to the commodity cuts.

ScoringAg can also be customized to include any specialized data collection and labeling needed for export, custom cutting to order, and pricing labels for wholesale and retail distribution. The flexibility of the system's on-site programming allows each packer to include any special labeling on the fabrication line as required for storing, shipping, and distributing intermediate and final products.

Unlike many elaborate packing plant production management systems (which often fail to keep track of individual animals as they are processed), ScoringAg's packing plant system is simple and does not require reorganizing or rewiring the plant, or changing the flow pattern of fabrication. Instead, ScoringAg provides strategically placed scan-and-print barcode-based information processing stations to transfer unique animal ID and other data with the animal products as they are processed.

ScoringAg's packing plant system is currently being installed and is receiving much favorable comment as to its effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to integrate easily with the packing plant's processes. In the near future, the plant system is scheduled for installation in several medium and large-scale packing plants in Central and South America. Because of the modular nature of its information processing stations, the system is scalable -- it is able to meet the needs of the smallest custom packer or locker, and at the same time adapt to the demands of the largest high-speed processing line. and its traceback and traceup system for agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping & traceback; and PIDC location code, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc., which is located in Sarasota, Florida USA and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDAs, laptops, and Semacode-programmed Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson cell phones. Whether using RFID or barcodes for traceup and traceback of livestock, from birth through the packing plants and on to the consumer; or tracking transport containers or perishable meats and other food consumer goods, makes managing data easier – and does it in an extremely cost effective manner from “Field-to-Fork.”