Press Release: - October 10, 2006

Civil Government Units Use ScoringAg to Comply with US FDA Bioterrorism Law

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Sarasota, FL, United States, 10/10/2006 - All institutional organizations, civil government units are required to comply with FDA Bioterrorism Law. Complete records have to be established and maintained according to FDA if there is anything harvested and sold into the food or feed supply.

If your employees or a contractor cuts and dries hay or harvests other crops and/or produce, someone transports and sells it for feed or food from any of your facilities, road sides, parks, universities, airports, prison land, fairgrounds, etc. a complete set of records for traceback in case of an event or incident is required by FDA.

Recordkeeping and true traceback can be a huge burden without the right system, but there is an easy solution. is the most inexpensive and only web-based recordkeeping system in use today. We're here to help and make your live easier and to comply with the new FDA rules.

When FDA has a reasonable belief that an article of food or feed is adulterated and presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals, any records or other information to which FDA has access must be available for inspection and photocopying or other means of reproduction as soon as possible, not to exceed 24 hours from time of receipt of the official request.

The records requested may be related to the manufacture, processing, packing, transporting, distribution, receipt, holding, or importation of such an article of food that are maintained by, or on behalf of, an entity subject to the recordkeeping regulation, and at any location.

A secure account with all of the necessary records starts out at only $10. This includes site locations, crop fields, and animal records at 55 cents each. You can add pictures to your records.

ScoringAg's Point-to-Point Traceback™ system keeps the crop ID and/or RFID number from the field through the processing stage or storage, to the transporter's log through every processing stage, from the grower's location to the final user, all for just pennies per record. Each crop label can carry an SSI-EID number and/or barcode that corresponds to that one item's total history of food handlers and its quality. and its traceback and traceup system for agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ and PIDC location codes, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc. Located in Sarasota, Florida USA, the company specializes in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDAs, laptops, and Semacode-programmed Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson cell phones. With the use of RFID and barcodes for traceup and traceback of livestock and crops, produce or tracking transport containers or perishable meats and other food consumer goods, makes managing data easier - and does it in an extremely cost effective manner from "Field-to-Fork".

We would be glad to answer any questions you might have or help you explain ScoringAg to your agriculture production operators. Please feel free to contact us or just sign in.