Press Release: Global 023 - October 14, 2005

ScoringAg's Location Records Ready To Fight Spread Of Avian Flu

ScoringAg's Web-based Location Records can pinpoint avian flu outbreaks and give communicable disease experts critical, accurate, and reliable on-site data in real time for immediate response.

(PRWEB) October 14, 2005 -- Latest news reports have expressed growing concern about the possibility of a global human influenza pandemic related to the spread of avian influenza. In response to this potential catastrophe, the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) has appointed a worldwide team of experts in communicable diseases to lead the fight.

ScoringSystem, Inc. stands ready to place its Web-based response system at the service of the WHO and other communicable disease experts worldwide in preparing for the potentially catastrophic spread of avian flu and its human counterpart., a division of ScoringSystem, recently announced the development of a new secure rapid response communications system that utilizes a unique application of the Location Records feature of ScoringAg's secure Web-based database.

Having a Web-based emergency response system is an essential tool in reporting critical disease outbreaks rapidly and accurately, such as that anticipated by the expected global spread of avian flu. ScoringAg's effective rapid response system focuses attention on emergencies early enough to identify the exact critical nature and progress in the spread of the disease, and speed necessary services to the site.

Quick responses can minimize or even eliminate the large loss of life that is often associated with the usual inaccurate, inadequate, and late response experienced when an emergency response system is not in place and ready to be used by those most needed -- the first responders and direct aid administrators.

ScoringAg's rapid response system enables public health and medical officials to track emergency situation data in real time with precise location information provided by ScoringSystem's PIDC worldwide premises code. The data available include up-to-date photos, video, and inspection records -- all on the Web site's Location Records pages for all responders and experts to review and comment. ScoringSystem's Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ Web-based central server provides a single "clearinghouse" with record pages for rapidly reporting and collaborating on critical information by emergency response groups and others around the world.

Without ScoringSystem's unique central server and Web-based system there is often no way to share collective knowledge about an emergency, whether a disease outbreak like avian flu or the intentional spread of disease by bio-terrorism. Even if officials are somehow all aware of the situation by other means, if there is no central system it can be a matter of days or weeks until all the facts are known to everyone and their reviews and valuable inputs are collected and summarized. By then it is usually much to late.

With ScoringAg's Location Records Web pages every public health and medical official can document the situation with Web-based records in real time, adding pictures and video to supplement the details of the record. Then, all emergency response team personnel can review emergency report data, photos, and video of the situation in real time, directly from the on-site report. Other offline databases and local software systems that may be used for collecting and storing information on avian flu outbreaks are scattered around the world and are usually unable to communicate with each other or exchange information to show the complete situation.

The ScoringSystem emergency response system uses a 2D DataMatrix barcode label that can be printed onsite, so that Nokia, Sendo, Siemans, Sony Ericsson, and other cell phones (using Semacode imaging software) can decode the barcode and go directly to ScoringSystem's database and emergency Location Records Web page in real time. With Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ the event can be shared anywhere, while ScoringSystem's 128-bit encrypted databank maintains security under control of the appropriate agencies responsible for coordinating the global response to the emergency.

Since it is Web-based, ScoringSystem's system can be deployed to every country in the world, enabling experts to exchange information in various languages as needed, and running in Unicode with the ability to handle all keyboard language setups. The system enables all international groups to move at a moments notice to take action in the field immediately when the emergency occurs. Local, state, federal, and international officials and infrastructures can be connected and stay coordinated with all involved agencies.

Many other types of emergencies and events also can be handled by ScoringAg's Web-based response system and Location Record pages; such as, tracking every specific outbreak of disease and agri-terrorism at specific sites in one worldwide database. These unique Web-based Location Records are able to report and manage responses on animal and plant disease outbreaks around the world in just seconds. Outbreaks, such as FMD (foot and mouth disease), BSE ("mad cow disease"), screw worm fly, and many other animal and plant diseases -- including the effects from all bacterial, fungal, viral, phytoplasmal, nematode, and parasitic infestations - are too expensive and burdensome on the world economy when sick animals or plants enter the global food chain. Recalls of suspected contaminated agricultural products are expensive not only for companies involved, but also for entire global economic community. and its traceback and traceup system for agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ and PIDC location code, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc. Located in Sarasota, Florida USA, the company specializes in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDAs, laptops, and Semacode-programmed Nokia mobile phones. Whether using RFID or barcodes for tracking and traceback of livestock or perishable commodities and other consumer goods, makes managing data easier -- and does it in an extremely cost effective manner.