Press Release: USA 004 - December 31, 2003


Do You Know if Your Food is Safe?

SARASOTA, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2003 -- When you are at the local grocery store, do you ever stop and think where the foods you eat come from? Most of us take food safety for granted, we feel comfortable that our stores provide us the best food at the best price, and protect us from any possible contaminated food. Yet the threats and food recalls are out there --- E. Coli, Salmonella, Cyclospora, and just last week, Mad Cow disease. The United States Government feels there is a missing link in our food protection system, and created The Country Of Origin Labeling program to fill the void. The program was enacted within the 2002 Farm bill.

The Country Of Origin Labeling program, or C.O.O.L., was created to track an item of food from the rancher or grower, to the processing plant, to the packinghouse, to the retail outlet, and the transportation between each stop. This tracking system creates a new and advanced level of safety for the American consumer, it’s called site-specific recordkeeping.

“We recognized early on that the country’s food system was vulnerable to disease and developed ScoringSystem to increase the system’s overall food safety.” Said William Kanitz, President of ScoringSystem, Inc.

ScoringSystem’s innovative database technology reduces the workload for the grower or rancher to comply with new USDA regulations. The low-cost of ScoringSystem’s technology means that no new costs should be added to the cost of food production in this country, a cost that would mean higher prices for the consumer.

The next time you visit your favorite restaurant or grocery store, think about where all that food comes from, and you will understand the need for C.O.O.L. and ScoringSystem…for the safety and comfort of you and your family.

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