Press Release: Global 001 - April 30, 2003



ScoringSystem, Inc., today announced the availability of the only web-based application for the tracking, storage and organization of agricultural data. Using the latest web and database technologies, simplifies the process of record keeping and movement tracking for domestic and international food products by providing an interactive, world-wide Universal Traceback methodology; one that works for every animal and perishable commodity. Farmers, ranchers, food producers, handlers and governments will all benefit from ScoringSystem's clean interface, ease of use, and ability to provide necessary records to comply with the USDA's Country Of Origin Labeling program. makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to track meat, fish, produce, peanuts and all other perishable commodities. is ideally suited to act as a national perishable commodities tracking system. By utilizing a unique combination of record keeping, scoring, classification, movement protocol and event tracking, every step in the supply chain is just a few mouse-clicks away. In the United States, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture determined that a 48-hour traceback capability is the ultimate goal of a National ID system, especially in the event of an animal disease outbreak. It concluded that a national ID system should have the capability to identify all premises (livestock operations, feed yards, markets, or other stops in the marketing chain) that had direct contact with a diseased animal within two days after discovery. It recommended that movement of individual animals or units of animals be recorded into a central database, or a seamlessly linked database infrastructure. ScoringSystem tracks all steps in the supply chain and provides the needed traceback information within minutes, not days.

"It's important that we, as a global community, have a record keeping system that operates 24/7, that passes secure records through the supply chain with instantaneous access," said William Kanitz, President of ScoringSystem, Inc., a farmer and former employee of NASDA, USDA-NASS. "Our system satisfies these requirements utilizing state of the art database technology, eliminating the duplication of records that is common when transferring food or animal products internationally."

ScoringSystem, Inc. is located in Sarasota, Florida, USA and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data. Whether a government, branded meat product, dairy system or international food broker, can make managing your data easier and do it in an extremely cost effective manner.