Press Release: Global 013 - July 19, 2004


ScoringSystem, Inc. and Semacode Corporation Launch Joint Venture Using Nokia Cell Phones

New technology presented at the NACAA agricultural agents' national convention in Orlando uses 2D DataMatrix and other barcodes allows actual web-based site-specific records to be read where data is actually collected.

Sarasota, FL -- July 19, 2004 -- At the NACAA convention , ScoringSystem, Inc. demonstrated their latest innovation in a growing line of unique barcode applications. Using the photographic capability of the Nokia 6600 mobile phone, 2D DataMatrix barcodes containing URLs are captured and decoded, providing access to ScoringSystem web pages over the Internet connection provided by the Nokia phone. Semacode Corporation software, developed by Simon Woodside's organization in Toronto, Canada and installed in the Nokia phone, is able to interpret the DataMatrix barcode, pass the decoded URL to the Opera web browser, and display the corresponding ScoringSystem web page and entity data.

In addition to Nokia's expanding list of mobile phones with the Symbian operating system, a number of manufacturers are (or are soon planned to be) capable of using Semacode's DataMatrix barcode interpreting software, including Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and others. The equipment on this growing list offers the minimum capability necessary to support barcode reading: a camera with high-quality imaging, an Internet connection, a browser capable of proper page navigation and display, the Symbian operating system, and of course Semacode software to link the DataMatrix barcode to ScoringSystem's web pages. This latest technology for data collection and ScoringSystem databank access joins the existing barcode scanning, RFID, and color-coded imaging currently available for tracking entities and providing input for ScoringSystem.

NACAA convention attendees that crowded around the ScoringSystem booth expressed a high level of interest in how DataMatrix and PDF-417 2D barcode scanning, and RFID reading, were being used to access and update information in the web-based databank. Many of the people visiting the booth had very specific problems and ideas that they were eager to discuss with ScoringSystem personnel staffing the booth and demonstrating the features of this unique technology. Some of these applications involved: direct access of site-specific agricultural records in remote locations, such as actual field data collected for databank update in real time; collecting direct field records on many varieties of citrus and landscape trees to track their growth and installation history; commercial and university research projects involving data collection for field management projects, legal documents management, and EPA and environmental records; data collection and tracking for fish farming, worldwide; and a wide variety of other major projects.

The number of different applications for ScoringSystem's databank and associated technology in agriculture and other fields emphasizes that: tracking, traceback, and traceup of livestock, crops, vegetables, and a host of other entities is a continuing, and extremely important, aspect of the entire global food supply system; an Internet-based databank is the only sensible way to collect, store, update, maintain, and report the information needed to do the job – quickly and efficiently; and ScoringSystem continues to be the only global databank company that is ready to answer to this challenge with Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ and a real traceback / traceup solution. is a division of ScoringSystem, Inc., which is located in Sarasota, Florida and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data. Whether a perishable commodity or sports player, and can make managing your data easier, and do it in an extremely cost effective manner.

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