Press Release: Global 014 - July 20, 2004

Adding Scouting To Gives Scouts Access To Global Soccer Talent, a division of ScoringSystem, Inc. and its worldwide, Internet-based soccer / football databank now offers subscribing soccer scouts access to a global pool of soccer was developed by professional trainers, coaches and players and provides all subscribers with worldwide access to their records, quickly and easily, with no programs to load or discs to lose.'s databank connects hundreds of millions of soccer players, coaches, managers, and trainers in countries throughout Europe, the Americas, the Far East, and Asia.

Now, scouts around the world can register and subscribe to and access data on talented soccer players from around the world who, by registering with, are able to display their talents in real time on their own ScoringSoccer web page. This data, available to subscribing scouts by secure login and password, includes scouting report pages and analysis forms with detailed statistical and photographic information on players from around the world, as well as player action video in many cases.

ScoringSoccer’s scouting capability also enables scouts to compose their own “favorites” and “buddy” lists, search the entire world for players with particular talents, and print a number of forms and reports to assist them in compiling player performance statistics according to their own requirements. Because ScoringSoccer’s databank is Internet-based, the data is always available anywhere, anytime – in real time, as it is needed. is a division of ScoringSystem, Inc., which is located in Sarasota, Florida and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data. Whether a perishable commodity or sports player, and can make managing your data easier, and do it in an extremely cost effective manner.