Press Release: USA 002 - August 18, 2003


Establishment of FSIS is a Positive Step in Creating Collaborative Relationships

Murano letter REV 8/18/2003

Ref. MEATAMI.COM article, entitled “Murano Announces Office of New Technology At Food Inspection Agency”


Good morning,


I was encouraged to read of the establishment of a New Technology Office within FSIS that is committed to forging positive, collaborative relationships between industry and government – particularly in protecting the safety and security of the nation’s critical meat and poultry supply. This is especially interesting and relevant to us at ScoringSystem, Inc. since we are currently engaged in developing an innovative, effective, and affordable means of accomplishing the tracking and traceability of perishable products essential to securing this vital national resource. ScoringSystem, Inc. is a global provider of a web-based service developed to record, store, and retrieve data quickly and easily from a secure facility. This data bank simplifies the process of recordkeeping and process / movement tracking for domestic and international food products, as well as a myriad of other critical activities. The interactive traceback methodology and Site-Specific Recordkeeping employed at all processing stages provides ease of use with a clean, stable, and secure interface.


The unique character of ScoringSystem’s application lies in the way information is developed and retained to track history in accumulating,

recording, storing, and reporting object processing and other data for a wide variety of objects and scenarios. All applications of this type

have the common need to identify members of an object class at each processing stage, so that specific detailed information about the

processing at that stage and earlier stages can be captured, combined, and preserved. In so doing, what had begun as an essentially “empty”

historical record at the source for the object (in its initial, unprocessed form) becomes a completed record of its processing history

for each of the source’s subsequent constituents as they are processed from the source at each stage, from start to finish.

Application of ScoringSystem and its tracking and traceback recordkeeping to a production process also eliminates the need for

segregating product into conforming and nonconforming groups during processing. Scoring System's ability to maintain product group identity,

with integrity and security from the original source to the final form, makes costly and often impossible segregation of product during

processing completely unnecessary.


When the object has completed all processing stages, and the record is finalized in the database and in the final form of the product, this

information can be archived for a specified storage period and accessed for reporting the history of the object, its origin and processing, as

required. Accessing and reading the database on the finished product allows the user to retrieve and report the final source information and

processing history on each individual item.


Our company would welcome the opportunity to work with your New Technology Office and FSIS in the application of this technology by

those in our nation’s food supply chain who are responsible for meeting the demands of this critical national resource, while at the same time

enabling them to come into compliance with existing legislation and meeting growing public concerns for security by implementing our

effective and affordable system.


I look forward to hearing from you and arranging a discussion between you and our President, Mr. William Kanitz, on how we may become involved with your organization.




Lawrence Olson

Development Engineering

ScoringSystem, Inc.