NAIS Cattle ID Pilot Projects Not Needed, Since Proven Advanced Technology Already Exists

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ScoringSystem, Inc.
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ScoringAg's livestock tracking and traceback system provides a true traceback and traceup for livestock movement and activities in real time throughout the animal's life cycle - from the original producer to the packinghouse, and if needed on to the final consumer.

The key is ScoringAg's unique premises identification: PIDC is a precise location ID based on uniform premises codes for all locations throughout the world, wherever livestock are raised, grazed, harvested, processed, and shipped. ScoringAg's database provides for the linking of all other premises ID codes for all varying states and regions to accommodate livestock movement from one state and region to another, and all active locations nationwide and around the world.

Instead of waiting for hours or days for animal health history - which is the stated "goal" of the proposed NAIS animal ID consortium - all field data updates, including those that are available on the animal's public page, are displayed instantly - in real time - as they occur, when and where the data is collected and uploaded - in the field or in chutes at auctions, feedlots, packing plants, and elsewhere. Only ScoringAg's system is ready and able to deliver this level of secure information in just seconds to those in need during a catastrophic event. The animal's public records page can also show other tags, brands or tattoos, or a photo of the animal if needed. This gives an additional means of animal ID when RFID ear tags are lost or stolen and only the animal's unique identifying characteristics can give positive ID.

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