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Field to fork location codes needed
  Monday 16 May 2005
Unlike the generalised ISO codes designed for multiple uses, a Property Identification Code (PIDC) is more comprehensive and inclusive, and defines all land and sea locations over the entire surface of the earth — including those areas that are not recognised or covered by the UN, argues the vendor of a global traceability system.

PIDC is ScoringSystem's patented international standard of location and property identification.

In today's global marketplace, any true traceability system must include all agricultural products to provide a true chain of custody with traceback and traceup throughout, say the company. This includes: fish from lakes, rivers, and oceans around the world; poultry and hydroponics crops that may be raised in multi-story structures above ground; and wild mushrooms, truffles, and root vegetables that may be collected or harvested below ground.

"With the global trade in an increasing number of products from diverse locations around the globe, all worldwide agricultural sources must be identified with their unique PIDC of origin to ensure food safety," a spokesperson says.

"Any complete and reliable international traceability system that is called upon to do such an important job must be based on a comprehensive location code, such as PIDC, to be effective.

"Protection against bio-terrorism and accidental contamination of the world's food supply chain requires a site-specific recordkeeping system and worldwide traceback — with no exemptions."

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