H.C. (Trey) Vincent
Team Auctions Sales
Central Livestock Auctions

Central Livestock Association
Moses Lake, WA
(509) 765-4084

Sales Representative

Trey Vincent and Bill Englar have devoted many years building reliable food processing systems for the production of safe food. Today, we are excited about helping others use the new internet based tracking tools like ScoringSystem to improve food safety. For the first time, it is now possible for everyone throughout the food chain to participate. The ability to spread a monitoring system over a larger area will improve the end product and lower costs. We frequently observed this fact while operating a pork procurement business. The business sourced raw product in Canada and delivered finished product to Japan with a stopover in Seattle for processing. We provided the customer with detailed tracking records for all the ingredients and production methods we used. Everything, from the growing of organic grains to the delivery of the source verified pork, was covered. The Englar Food Lab has specialized in developing new further processing methods for the production of safe fruit and vegetable products.