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Di-Oxy Solv™
ScoringAg, Inc. $34.5
PREVENT and CONTROL CROP PATHOGENS Di-Oxy Solv™ is a fully EPA approved, broad spectrum algaecide, bactericide, fungicide and general sanitation product designed by FLO-TEC™ for agricultural application. It is also OMRI listed for use by organic growers. Di-Oxy Solv™ has been engineered for the prevention and control of plant pathogenic diseases in pre-harvest, post harvest and storage of field-grown crops, as well as plants grown in greenhouses and nurseries. It is also used for quick knockdown of infection and surface sanitation of hard goods such as tools, equipment and storage buildings, etc. Di-Oxy Solv™ provides disease protection for all growers, including organic, and for fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, leafy vegetables, cole crops, cucurbit crops, potatoes, potato seed and / countless others. Grasses grown from seed or sod and turf are also protected, as are cut flowers, woody ornamentals, bare root nursery stock and much more. The primary mode of action in Di-Oxy Solv is oxidation. It disinfects by oxidizing the outer cell membrane of vegetative bacterial cells, endospores, yeast and mold spores. The mechanism of oxidation involves the transfer of electrons; the stronger the oxidizer, the faster the electrons are transferred and the faster the micro-organism is killed. Di-Oxy Solv™ is superior to hydrogen peroxide in antimicrobial activity. It is more persistent and can have a longer residual action than chlorine based products. It is also considerably safer to use. Protect your crops! Stop E.coli, Salmonella and other damaging pathogens before they leave your field or warehouse.
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