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General Information

Name of Team: West Kendall Optimist
Location: Miami, Florida
Country: United States
Founded: January 1, 1995

Team History

The West Kendall "Tiburones" Soccer Team was founded in 1995 with the purpose of becoming the West Kendall U-9 Traveling Team. What commenced from that day on was a soccer maturing process that would lead us to what we are today. Through the years we have seen these youngsters grow and develop themselves into tremendously talented young men with an exquisite feel for the soccer ball and great love and respect for the game. At that time and with the help of a small group of some of the players parents we commended upon Coach Julio Melean, also nicknamed "Coqui" as his friends like to call him, the task of organizing, guiding and directing this young team. During the following seven years Coach "Coqui" worked with great patience with these youngsters until the year 2002. After this period the responsibility of coaching and leading the team was placed upon coach Diego Nunez and Abel Velasquez. The team was guided under their leadership until February of 2004. Just last month a new, young, aggressive and talented coach by the name of Victor Pastora, was nominated to carry on the legacy of the West Kendall Soccer Program. Coach Pastora will be heading the coaching program alongside Diego Nunez and together they have established and set forth an important mission and a list of goals that the team will need to accomplish if it wants to continue to be as successful as it has been in the past. Since the very start of their competitive years, the West Kendall 'Tiburones' consistently placed themselves as strong contenders in local, regional, state, and national competitions. Among the team's accomplishments, we would like to list some of the championships they have won: - Plantation Eagles Tournament in Plantation, FL 1995, 1999, 2002 - Holiday Cup in Jupiter, FL 1997, 2000 - Key Biscayne Tournament in Key Biscayne, FL 1996 - Junior Orange Bowl Soccer Tournament 1996 - Space Coast Cup in Cocoa Beach, FL 1997, 1998 - Super Clubs Regional in Disney 1998, 1999, 2000 - Cayman Island International Invitational 2001 - Super Clubs National Champions in Disney, 2003 - Countryside International Tournament in Clearwater FL 1998 - FYSA Region A Champions 1996, 1998 - State Final Four 2000, 2003 - Super Y-League Region Champions 2001, 2002, 2003 - Super Y-League National Finals in Pennsylvania 2001 - Super Y-League National Finals in North Carolina 2002 - Super Y-League National Finals in Chicago 2003

Team Management Directory

President: Raul Nunez, Diego Nunez
Vice-President: Joel Rosenthal
Secretary: Rita Nuuez
Head Coach: Victor Pastora
Team Manager: Julio Melean


South Florida United; Florida Youth Soccer Association ( FYSA); Super Y-League (USL)

Team Schedule

7207 - 03/14/04 - 2:00 PM - MCM1 - WKO701 - West Kendall - WBU701 - W Broward

7203 - 03/20/04 - 2:00 PM - MCM1 - WKO701 - West Kendall - BRY601 - Team Boca

7211 - 03/21/04 - 1:00 PM - MCM1 - WKO701 - West Kendall - MSF701 - Strike Force DALLAS CUP

Team News

All the team players are just now returning from competing in their High School Teams state soccer finales. During these finals the players contributed tremendously to their HS teams and because of this, we are happy to say that, they were all very successful.


During the month of March, we have scheduled a series of play-off games for the team and we are certain that these matches will provide a very good level of competition for them.

Coach's Corner

To all players, parents and supporters of our team. We are going to have a very busy game schedule during the months ahead. We ask for your comprehension and unconditional support. This schedule will commence with the Leagues play-offs. Immediately following these events, we will be participating in the 'Dallas Cup', which in turn will be a great opportunity to expose our players to the numerous College Scouts and Coaches that will be present at the 'Cup' from all over the country. After the culmination of this event, we go on to participate in the Florida State Cup and also the Super Y-League. We are convinced that through www.ScoringSoccer.com and the miracle of the Internet our players will be expanding their horizon and possibilities. Through the opportunities this site has to offer them, they will increase their options of being recognized, noticed and scouted.

Team Roster

There are currently 18 active players on the team roster.   Click on a player's name to view that player's personal page.


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