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ScoringAg Food Labels to Provide Traceback Records (02/16/06 09:45)

OMAHA (DTN) -- According to a company release, leading the food industry's interest in product traceability, ScoringAg, a division of ScoringSystem, Inc., has developed a product labeling system that provides access to complete product source and traceback records at the time of purchase by scanning the product's traceback barcode label, which can be designed as an exclusive micro-brand, boosting product recognition and consumer confidence.

ScoringAg provides the consumer with complete product source information at the time of purchase from the label code, creating consumer confidence and adding value to the product. ScoringAg accomplishes this by producing traceback barcodes for product labels (with or without RFID chips) to allow the buyer to access specific product traceback records in just seconds, using ScoringAg's web-based database.

This Point-to-Point Traceback information can be displayed at any point during food production and handling, right up to retail. The information in the barcode can be accessed in the field or at any point during the food handling process with a barcode scanner, even at retail with a ScoringSystem Traceback Terminal, or with any PC with online access in the Public Search window of ScoringAg.com.

Any of these methods access ScoringAg, which displays the product's complete traceback record. Private product labeling has been raised to a new level of credibility with this new type of barcode labeling and database information access for food products, from field to fork for each individual product. This new labeling allows complete traceback and source verification for every handler in the food chain, increasing the product's value and building consumer confidence at all sales levels.

The SSI-EID traceback code and/or barcode can be incorporated into existing product label designs or can be designed to create a micro-branded product. Since customer loyalty has been vanishing from the marketplace recently, this new marketing tool is essential to give the buyer and consumer reliable, verifiable knowledge and information. The direct labeling brings greater product visibility that is clear, honest, and simple.

ScoringAg.com and its traceback and traceup system for agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping and PIDC location codes, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc. Located in Sarasota, Florida USA, the company specializes in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDAs, laptops, and Semacode-programmed Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson cell phones.

With the use of RFID and barcodes for traceup and traceback records of livestock, fish, poultry, crops, produce or tracking transport containers or perishable meats and other food consumer goods. www.ScoringAg.com makes managing data easier -- and does it in an extremely cost effective manner from "Field-to-Fork."

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