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ScoringSystem: Agriculture

Using the latest web and database technologies, ScoringAg.com simplifies the process of recordkeeping and movement tracking for domestic and international food products by providing an interactive, world wide Universal Traceback Methodology, including EPL Tag, Bio Metrics, RFID, Barcodes (Linear & 2-D), Serial Number, Model Number and Paper Records.

Our engineers work within the entire food chain to ensure our system can integrate with multiple platforms for growers, ranchers, packers, shippers, and retailers.

The simplicity and extreme low cost of ScoringAg makes recordkeeping fast, effiecient, and in compliance with WTO, EU, USDA, FDA and other worldwide regulations.

Collection of Data
  ● Data can be collected by paper or computer

  ● An EID tag does nothing to capture or record data

  ● Data must be:
        1. Collected
        2. Entered into a database by unique ID
        3. Summarized into useful information

Agriculture Service Areas:

Catastrophic Event System |English| |Español| |Portugu�s|

Reporting and Tracking Disease Outbreaks.

Traceback PowerPoint Presentation

Traceback and Traceup in Real Time |English| |Español| |Portugu�s|

Follow commodities from "field to fork" with worldwide traceback!

ScoringSystem, Inc. Livestock Tracking/Traceback

PDF file of the overview of our livestock tracking system

Packing Plant Solution

PDF file Illustrating how ScoringAg can be implemented by Packing Plants.

Smartphones Image DataMatrix Barcodes |English| |Spanish| Português|
PDF file on how to access Site-Specific Records in Real Time where you stand at

ScoringSystem's PIDC Location System  |Español| |Português|

PDF file outlining our PIDC tracking and location system.

Scoring Criteria

At last! Useful comparisons to help grade your animals.

Solution for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

RFID Profitability Comments:

Animal RFID |English| |Spanish|

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